"Educating for life in all its fullness"

Your Child’s Learning

Each term your child’s teacher will send home a news letter outlining the learning for that term. Copies of these can be found at the links below. At Hampstead Parochial School we believe in equipping children with all the skills they will need to become successful adults. Alongside our curriculum we use Building Learning Power to enable our children to become lifelong learners.BLP

Reception Page 1

Reception Page 2

Year 1 Page 1

Year 1 Page 2

Year 2 Page 1

Year 2 Page 2

Year 3W Page 1

Year 3W Page 2

Year 3H Page 1

Year 3H Page 2

Year 4 Page 1

Year 4 Page 2

Year 5 Page 1

Year 5 Page 2

Year 6 Page 1

Year 6 Page 2