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Phonics Scheme

Each child from Reception through to the end of Year 2 follows the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. It’s been designed to give children a thorough grounding in the complex sounds that make up the English language and to recognise the different ways those sounds are represented when reading.

The Letters and Sounds phonics programme is delivered by the class teachers and teaching assistants working with children who are at the same phonics stage.

At the end of Year 1, every child in maintained schools, academies and free schools in England must take a short Phonics Screening Check.

As it states on the Government website, it’s a short, simple assessment to ensure that all children have learned phonics decoding to an appropriate standard by the age of six. The check comprises a list of 40 words and ‘non-words’ which the child reads on a one-to-one basis with his or her teacher.

In addition, the Phonics Screening Check helps teachers to identify the children who need extra help so they can receive the support they need to improve their reading skills. These children then re-take the check in Year 2.