"Educating for life in all its fullness"


Every pupil at Hampstead Parochial School is placed into one of four House teams. Each week, house points are awarded for things like following our golden rules and great learning and sometimes we have competitions between Houses. On Sports Day, all the points are added together and the winning House wins a trophy!

If you have an older brother or sister at the school when you join us, you will go into the same House as them.

The four Houses at Hampstead are all named after people associated with our school:

Ainger – Blue Mitchell – Green
The Reverend Thomas Ainger (1799 – 1863) was the vicar of Hampstead who built the current school. He also did lots of good work with the poor including building hospitals and a dispensary, a place where free medicine and medical advice were given out. Thomas Mitchell (1751 – 1799) founded Hampstead Parochial School from the Sunday School of the parish church of St John-at-Hampstead and he was also the first schoolmaster.
Newman – Red Valentine – Yellow
Blessed John Henry Newman CO (1801 – 1890) was a priest, writer and poet who preached the school sermon in the 19th Century.  He was a very important figure in the religious history of England and was made a Cardinal of the church by Pope Leo XIII. Susannah Valentine (1804 – 1830) was the Mistress of the National School (which became Hampstead Parochial School) for over 10 years. Although she sadly died at the young age of 26, we know she worked at the school from the age of 14.