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The governors of Hampstead Parochial School are appointed from a range of stakeholders for a four year term of office:

  • London Diocesan Board for Schools
  • North Camden Deanery
  • Parish Church of St. John-at-Hampstead
  • London Borough of Camden
  • School staff and parents

Our governors have oversight of the strategic leadership, conduct and curriculum of the school and provide an essential conduit between the school, the church, the community and the local authority.

Hampstead Parochial School governance arrangements are as follows:

The Full Governing Body meets four time in each academic year. There are two sub committees that meet three times each year: Resources comittee and Curriculum, Progress and Outcomes committee. A designated Admissions Committee meets on behalf of the FGB with delegated authority to decide on admissions in the spring term.

As part of our ongoing transparency minutes of the full governing body meetings can be found via the links below.

A list of governors and their term of office can be found here along with Governor attendance for 2019-20.

The declaration of conflicts of interest can be found through the following link – Declaration of Interests 2019-20

The Instrument of Government can be found via the link here Instrument of Government – 2018.

Committee Membership

HPS – Terms of Reference


Minutes of Governor Meetings 2019 – 2020

Full Governing Body Meeting

23rd September 2019

2nd December 2019

28th April 2020

Curriculum, Progress & Outcomes Committee

11th November 2019

4th February 2020

Resources Committee

29th October 2019

28th January 2020

28th April 2020

Minutes of Governor Meetings 2018 – 2019

Full Governing Body Meeting

17th September 2018

3rd December 2018

18th March 2019

1st July 2019

Curriculum, Progress & Outcomes Committee

12th November 2018

11th February 2019

20th May 2019

Resources Committee

16th October 2018

29th January 2019

30th April 2019

Minutes of Governor Meetings 2017 – 2018

Full Governing Body Meeting

18th September 2017

27th November 2017

19th March 2018

2nd July 2018

Curriculum, Progress & Outcomes Committee

6th November 2017

21st February 2018

11th June 2018

Resources Committee

10th October 2017

23rd January 2018

24th April 2018

Minutes of Governor Meetings 2016 – 2017

Full Governing Body Meeting

19th September 2016

28th November 2016

13th March 2017

13th  July 2017

Curriculum, Progress & Outcomes Committee

14th November 2016

27th February 2017

19th June 2017

Resources Committee

11th October 2016

24th January 2017

25th April 2017