"Educating for life in all its fullness"

Building Learning Power

A central aim of our school is to develop our children into lifelong learners who are equipped for the challenges of living in a rapidly changing world; a fluid, dynamic and demanding world that is changing so quickly, many of our children will be employed in jobs and industries that don’t yet exist.

We think it’s important to develop learning skills for life through an approach called Building Learning Power.

Building Learning Power is based on the belief that the skill of learning can itself be learned.

Through a series of interesting and innovative activities, our children have been introduced to the concept of four learning muscles, an alternative version of the ‘4 Rs’:

  • Resilience – being willing and able to lock onto learning
  • Resourcefulness – being willing and able to draw on a wide range of methods and strategies
  • Reflectiveness – being willing and able to think about themselves as learners
  • Reciprocity – being willing and able to collaborate and use relationships in productive and enjoyable ways

When teachers are planning their learning activities they think about what the children will be learning as well as how they will be learning it.  By taking this more holistic approach, the children develop both their knowledge and their learning muscles.

Each week, we award a ‘Learning Hero’ certificate to the child in each class who has demonstrated the best use of one (or more) of the 4 Rs.

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