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Accidents and First Aid

Accidents & First Aid

Bumps and scrapes are an unavoidable part of school life and especially in a school with lots of hard playground surfaces.

Here at Hampstead Parochial School we have several teaching assistants with First Aid qualifications who are able to provide first aid treatment for routine bumps, scratches and knocks. When an adult administers treatment of any kind to a child, they will complete an entry in our first aid book and send a copy home for your attention.

If a child has a minor head injury we will always try and contact the nominated parent or primary care giver by telephone. We use our judgement as to the extent of the injury and will discuss with the parent or primary care giver whether the child needs to be collected or warrants a visit to the doctor or hospital.

In the very rare case of serious injury the school will telephone for an ambulance.  If a parent or primary care giver is unable to get to school quickly, a member of school staff will accompany the child to hospital in the ambulance and wait with them until their parent arrives.