Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Every day our school community comes together for collective worship. As a Church of England school, our collective worship is centred on Christianity and Christian values.

We encourage children to regard collective worship as a period of calm, respectful reflection: to be quiet and thoughtful, to listen carefully to the leader and to participate in prayer and hymns. We create a peaceful atmosphere by using music and candles and other elements that act as a focal point for the attention of the children.

Every day, a different member of staff or clergy leads our collective worship:

  • Monday worship is led by our music teacher
  • Tuesday worship is where we celebrate achievement in the school from the past week. Headteacher’s special mentions are given which include a celebration of children demonstrating our core Christian values.
  • Wednesday worship is lead by our deputy Headteacher
  • Thursday worship is led by a member of the clergy from St. John-at-Hampstead
  • Friday worship is led by our class teachers. Once every term, each class leads an act of worship and presents what they’ve learned to the rest of the school. Parents and carers are welcome and can join the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for tea and refreshments before the service starts.

We also celebrate the major Christian festivals throughout the year. Parents/carers are invited to join us, either at school, or at our Parish Church; St John-at-Hampstead. These include the Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter and Harvest services as well as our Founders’ Day. We also celebrate the start and end of the school year with a celebration in our Parish Church. On days when we attend worship in our Parish Church this worship is deemed to fulfil our collective worship requirement for the day.

Withdrawal from Collective Worship

While Hampstead Parochial is a Church of England school, we are committed to respecting individual beliefs. Upon entrance to the school, parents/ carers are made aware of the Christian basis of our teaching. It is therefore unlikely that parents/carers would wish to exercise their legal right of withdrawal. However, should such a case arise, the parents/carers concerned should consult the Head teacher.

We celebrate the cultural diversity of all the members of our school and have a cohesive community. Whilst collective worship will always reflect the Christian ethos of our school, we respect and acknowledge the variety of religious observances which are represented in our school and within the wider community. We acknowledge too that there are those of no faith who chose to be part of our school community.

Further information may be found in our Collective Worship Policy.